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Lizzy's This n That


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Play in the bigger, wider world of Peppa Pig, and bring your whole family into the story!

New York City is calling - and so are Paris, London, and a world tour of fun places. You and Peppa can make pizza in Italy, walk on Hollywood Boulevard, and much more.

Create a home in Peppa Pig's neighbourhood for you, your brothers and sisters, and your grownups. Be a family of cats, kangaroos, goats, or whatever you choose, and make your house dazzling by displaying the souvenirs and items you collect!

It's time to make a big splash with Peppa - don't forget your wellies!

Key Features:

JOIN PEPPA'S WORLD - Create characters for you and your whole family
BE A WORLD EXPLORER - Visit New York, Paris, London and beyond
MEET NEW CHARACTERS - Chat and play with all your favourite Peppa Pig characters
BUILD YOUR HOUSE - Arrange your home and collectibles however you like
GO ON BIG ADVENTURES - Visit a skyscraper, sail a ship, hunt for treasure and more!

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