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It was March 13, 2020, when Fanny Lumsden’s third album fallow managed to make its way out into the world - and what a wild ride it’s been prior to and following its release.  Recorded throughout the blistering 2019/’20 Summer amidst the disruption of the devasting bushfires, come the time of its release the day the Music Industry & the world had come to a standstill (with no thanks to Covid), and faced with the uncertainties of what lay ahead, fallow went on to forge its own path.
The stunning chart-topping album was embraced by the public, supportive radio & critics, winning Fanny many accolades (ARIA Award, 5 x Golden Guitars, AIR Country Album of the Year) and shooting the singer-songwriter to the forefront of the Australian Country music scene. Fast track two years to the day since fallow’s release, March 11, 2022 will see Fanny Lumsden release fallow Part 2, in fallow & Variations.  Featuring reinterpretations of the songs, such as singles This Too Shall Pass, Dig, Fierce, These Days, Grown Ups, Tidy Town…, fallow & Variations saw Fanny, Dan Stanley Freeman and several guests head back into the studio, with Matt Fell back at the helm, to show another side to fallow.

Says Fanny, “I feel like there was so much more to explore with fallow, that often you get to experience out sharing the songs and stories with people face to face. Due to the fact that touring was stilted so many times, we had to find different ways to tell the stories and explore the songs a little more. It feels a little exciting and a little, almost akin to relief, to share the songs in a different way.”

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